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Dealing with life challenges as a middle aged man? You’re not alone.

Work related stresses, relationship stresses (partnered or single), parenting stresses, financial stresses, health challenges.

Dissatisfaction with aspects of your life (e.g. work, unemployment, relationships, work/life balance).

I’m in my 50s and experienced most of these, as have a lot of men I know (family/friends)…I understand how you feel.

We navigate ourselves through these challenges as best we can (often on our own), and seem to do alright for ourselves by societal standards, but are we really doing well for ourselves?

If you’re like me, what was important to you at the age of twenty, may not hold the same significance now.

In regard to employment, over the years I pursued and gained positions that made my life more comfortable, but also eventually lead me to feeling stagnant. A change was triggered by two simple questions:

  1. What would life look like if it had more meaning’?
  2. What if I created a career in accordance with my values?

Although they were simple questions, they had a profound impact on me.

In my midlife, mid-career change story, I didn’t find my dream job or employer. Instead, I discovered a single value that was incredibly important to me. It was so important to me I was willing to work harder and persevere longer than I ever had before, regardless of how long it took to achieve it.

I believe every person deserves to pursue the best version of themselves.

Just like what I set out to achieve in my new career, which offered a chance for me to earn a living helping others improve their lives.

Observing and assisting in the success of those who want a second chance in their career, schooling, relationships, and health is a source of great satisfaction for me. It fills me with joy to see individuals gaining control over their own lives and achieving greater happiness.

This realisation prompted me to delve into the study of life coaching, positive psychology, and career development, which is very different from that 20-year-old version of me. I also utilise my life long experience of being a track athlete where I’ve gained life experiences and mindsets in pursuit of achieving the full potential of the individual.

Life expectancy for our generation is greater than those before us.  Mid-life provides wisdom, maturity, growth, and new opportunities. Preparing for old age, is also on the agenda. A good retirement is not solely dependent on money. Without good physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, failure to plan can lead to massive consequences.

One decision, can be life changing. If you want to change your life, I invite you to visit me today and book a free 45-minute chat. I understand how you feel.


Education & Training

David is a certified coach in Australia with a Diploma in Positive Psychology.

He has honed his coaching skills by combining his background in athletics coaching with the study of various coaching modalities such as Life Coaching, Career Development, and Education.

He is also an associate of Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) and International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Adaptability & Decisions

Each individual has different aspirations and face different challenges. Some clients require more structure, some seek more guidance, and some simply need more accountability. A key focus of David’s work is to adapt his approach to each individual.

David believes there are two kinds of decisions in life, the right decision and a lessen learned. Therefore, it’s better to go slow in the right direction than go speeding off in the wrong direction. He encourages clients to reflect, and tune in to their own greatness, so that they can regroup for their next leap forward.


David has spent over six years coaching clients in his practice and within other organisations, helping them live happier and more meaningful lives, both personally and professionally.

He has been working to improve the lives of many people through his knowledge of health and fitness in addition to his extensive twenty years of experience in the insurance industry as an assurance specialist reviewing and enhancing processes and procedures.

He has clients that hail from various walks of life – creative professionals, corporate employees, the young unemployed – and all ages, from 20-something to 50+ years old.

Many of his clients are introverted individuals in quest of fulfilling relationships and careers. David specialises in guiding them to achieve results in a way that doesn’t look for what is known to solve problems but what is unknown to discover possibilities.


Albert Jamae
October 11, 2023

In one half day session this helped me define my purpose and begin the path towards building a sustainable new career. Great work Dave can’t wait to do more with you 👍

August 1, 2023

David Wilczek is easy to communicate with and is able to tailer his approach to get the best outcomes. Would highly recommend David.

Kathy Blute
July 22, 2023

David has greatly helped my son develop an action plan including updating and improving his resume. Along with strategies to deal with everyday life as well as building on his strengths.

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